Sunday, October 26

Colbie's turn!

Pilgrims at Publix!

Went to watch Grant play volleyball for 8th Street at Shady Hill.

TBT hahaha

Sweet G checking my mail for his bday gift :)  He found it and then quickly disregarded it for the real mail…ha!!
Halloween cards. :)
Sweet pic of Iddy and Ruth Michael.  We miss them!
BT Carnival

Riding the Zipper (below) and the Screaming Eagle at the start of the night were BOTH a big mistake.  SCARY. And I screamed so much (for my ever loving life) that I lost my voice.


yay. we won a fish.
let the planning begin!
Pumpkin Carving and pizza at the Fowlers. :)

Watched some football outside and then roasted s'mores by the fire. VERY fun. :)

my sweet nieces!!!

nail time w Alli…hahaha

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