Sunday, October 5

Field trip for Daisy and Nashville Family come to visit (EVEN BLAKE!) :)

Daisy's class went to Ocali Days. :)

I can't leave this out…ALLI WAS ON STAGE W JENNIE.  I was freaking out. :)  I know she is just a  person but I am thankful for her calling.  I have loved learning from and being inspired by her.
FAMILY IS HERE!!!!! I love, love, LOVE it when they come. :)

Lulu loves to drag Jeeg's purse around.

Isaac's western wear for the sock hop…not sure what happened to his jeans.  And they Indiana Jones hat didn't work as well as I had hoped.  HA!

We went to dinner at the Villages one night.

Cagle Clubhouse!

Painted pumpkins

watching Ole Miss beat Bama :((((((

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