Thursday, December 18

Colbie and Annie

Daisy's Share show. :)  She did really well too!!!!

And some violin as well!

Jeaner's Christmas Program!!!
 She knew all the motions and rang that bell so hard when it was her turn.  We were so proud!

Parent Paparazzi...

I was fighting feelings of needing to harm the one who kept putting her camera up and/or STANDING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROWD to block my view. : /  Hey, no one else is here, lady who I know and is usually very nice.  Just do what YOU need to do to get the pics YOU need, ok? :)

Nice Isaac...

Fun w Kyle!!!

Christmas Party at school!

All the loot from her teachers.  SO sweet.

Gum drop tree fun.
Daisy brought this home…Um…thank you?
Daisy's tree
Isaac's tree
Isaac got new receiver gloves from the Phillips for Christmas.  My guess is that he LOVES them by this pic taken the night he got them. :)

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