Thursday, December 25

December: Bday, BePops and Christmas Eve/Morning

Hot tub fun in the cooler evenings.  We just had the pool heater repaired (in time for the fam to come!).

I got this book at Sams and it kept MANY of us entertained this season!

 buying for the Joneses to come…I left a carrot and a an apple spinning on the floor in Publix that day.  There was no more food for other to buy. ;)

 Shelley came to see us and brought this fun puzzle!
 We all went to see Santa w Gavin. :)
 BePops came to stay w us for a week!!!  Meems was in Kenya w the Nicholsons and Baby Abby Jones.  We missed her. :(

 Christmas Eve they got Christmas pjs. :)
 BePops made us a DELISH meal from France.  It was coucous, veggies and 3 kinds of meat.  DE. LISH. US.  My mouth is watering as I type…(I wish I was kidding!!)
 We had a bday meal w Dan.  BePops brought him a gift from him and meems.  It was wrapped in bday GIRL paper. :))))  HAHAHA>
 FUN!  Ladderball etc to play w the fam. ;)

 Prep time...

 Daniel set up a little scavenger hunt for them to find the trampoline. It was parts of the trampoline ladder.

 These are outta order…but here are some other gifts being opened. :)

 :(  BOO for the wet Christmas morning.

 The pic below looks like we got her a family pic of her daddy, aunts and uncles….but no…she's holding slippers she wanted.

 The kids were SO sweet and pooled money to get us gifts.  I got a volcano candle. :)  And Dan got these straw glasses and a razor. :)


 Reading the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

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