Tuesday, December 16

Hosting in December

Daisy doing spirograph from Papa and Jeeg
So even though our kids all know about Santa and Elf on the Shelf…they still wanted Daniel to move this elf around. (I told them I wouldn't buy one but the pretending could live on with this one…that they  named "Amari"…as in Cooper.  RTR.)

Daniel spent some real time on this set up.  And was bummed to know it all needed to come down for the next nights big reveal.  He said no.  HA.  This one stayed up to be marveled at for a few days. :)
This was for PJ Day at school. :)
Isaac had to wear ALL BLACK for his share show.  And that's what he did... down to his Carrabba-waiter shoes toes. HA!
Shake it CO!  He did really well!!
THEN THERE WAS THIS!!!  ALLI'S 40th BIRTHDAY!!!!!  It was on a Tuesday night and we had a BLAST!


Prayer Group Girls came over for a Christmas Breakfast :)

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