Wednesday, December 31


I am busy printing the last years blog book and I realized the captions don't match up due to space (so I don't have 9 volumes of 2014…2 is enough!)  So what to do from here on out?  Hmmm…  Makes me wanna skip the details but some pics need explanation!   

Like below…this is an obstacle course they set up to play and wheel around…not just a messy garage. :)

 NEW YEARS EVE IN THE SAC. ;)  Hmm not sure I should continue use of that abbreviation.  Things can get crazy and before you know it we will be using words like  "tramp" for trampoline.  "Let's go jump on the tramp!" doesn't sound good no matter what age you are. :)

 HAPPY 2015!!!!!!

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jaymie said...

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