Saturday, January 31

January: Daisy's bday and IF planning

Like I said it was IF time. :) So we were trying to figure out how our tables would fit! :)

Gavin had my phone one day outside. I think he accurately captured a moment for Alli.  HA!  This cracked us up!!!
He really wanted to take our picture.  Here are 2 of the 46 he took. :)

Oh Siri…such a card!

I love Isaac's art. :)
Took Daisy shopping one day and saw this giant Mickey.  I post it because she is such a cute little girl. Not cause she loves Mickey. :)  And see how she has it on her hip?  This one was born a mama. :)
The study was over taken w IF.

Daisy had an awards ceremony at school.  :)  She got perfect attendance (not sure how!), all A's and 100% homework. Atta girl. :)

Count down begins!!!!
Daisy turned 10!!!

Necklaces for IF.  Such a neat treat. :)
IG about location. :)
Bday lunch w Daisy.

Phillips came over for tacos and donuts. :)

Colbie got this for staying in her bed 7 nights in a row (not being "scared of Captain Hook")!!!!

Let me introduce you to my babies…the Succulents.  Aren't they precious!?!?!

Gavin playing airplane.

What? :)

Too much? :) ok 2 more. :)

We took Daisy to see Newsies in Orlando.  We ate at Kres and saw the show.  SHE LOVED IT.  We did too (minus my eyes swelling from eating 10 too many bites of the most delicious bread pudding I have ever had in my entire life.  And maybe the brussels sprouts had butter…dang.).

She can't really be 10, can she????
Prompt: you love each other…
you're Bored
Best surprise ever
mad face
the sweetest moment ever…
You just tasted something super sour...
the end...

(above: the aforementioned histamine releasing BREAD PUDDING!!!) Seriously my mouth just watered looking at it in this pic.

This mirror in the bathroom was a dream for Daisy… :)

We walked to Lake Eola. :)
This is the Phillips Center.  Pretty nice!!

Don't look to close at my eyes…I think i am looking surprised to compensate.

Alli's board getting ready for IF!
Bike riding w the fam. :)

More IF!

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