Thursday, January 8

January happenings...

This is our GOLDEN time of the year…mild winter.  The Snow Birds are smart cookies.  The kids are outside non-stop!   And now we have neighbors!!  LOVING IT.
Front yard football

Needing space in the cabinet and had to say so long to these large friends. :( I kept several of my favs though.
IF planning was in FULL SWING and this is how Alli worked tirelessly at her computer.  Dang that afternoon sun!! HAHAHAHA!  (She sometimes actually wears sunglasses!)
She ordered Casey and I books to keep up with it all.  We needed these things! :)
Colbie at chapel w her pals (Laura Beth, Cloey, Annie)

Dan made us dinner one night…shrimp boil!  It was DELISH.  The Phillips were late due to the fact that sweet Gav split his head open!!!

I was in my room and I saw them playing in my art room.  I like (most of the time) when I am doing something and they find something fun to do close by. :)

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