Wednesday, February 11


OH the JEAN BEAN.  I cannot believe my baby is FIVE.  And that next year I will have NO preschoolers.  I mean NONE.  FREEEDOOOMMMMMMMM! :)  She is a sassy, fun, spunky little thing that cracks us up.  She has been a handful…w her stomping, objecting loudly and such.  And then almost like a switch flipped when she turned 5 it seemed that things started making sense to her.  And she has been so much easier to be around!  HA.  She is intense.  Not mean.  But all feelings are to the extreme.  I have no idea where she gets her intensity (enter my wide eyed "wha??' face here).  But loves to dance.  She loves to laugh her face off at Isaac.  She wants to keep up w the bigs.  And she does fairly well!  We adore this little fire cracker.

She's a great gift opener. :)

 Roller Blades!  Her reactions were hilarious!

 100th day of school…Grandma Colbie

 Valentines fun!

 Isaac and Colin at the Elfrings :)

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