Sunday, February 8


OH…where to begin! My writing on this blog is minimal.  :(  I wish I could write every detail of all my thoughts and planning. But alas, I have 3 kids and well…life…so I can't.  But since we had experienced IF in Austin last year we were all super eager to plan one locally!  Casey had hosted an IF Local in Ocala last year.  So Alli and I partnered w her and went to work!  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!  I have never been eager to plan a large event.  Ever. But for some reason this wasn't a bother or stressful…it was a blast!

The women who went felt loved and special.  And Austin did their job of bringing powerful teaching and worship.  It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend.

Notes from friends and sweet from Mom and Dad. :)

Jessica, Leila and I were decor team. They made things very easy and effortless.  They were just as into it as I was…again, making it super fun to plan.

Steph, Jess and their friend Jenn went to Austin!!
Getting ready for the weekend!!

Transporting the "babies"….

Shana picked up an IF Betty Cake when getting the meals for Friday night… YUM.

one of the few men in the building… :) Cooper Schuck!

Saturday table gifts

Lisa and I in the photo booth!

Food team :)
We are legit w coffee sleeves! :)
Lunch on Saturday…take a ticket to your reservation!! :)

Serendipity provided dessert!

Alli didn't eat all weekend…but when she did…it was IF BETTY CAKE.  Good choice Alli, good choice. :)


I was so excited and proud to be a part of IF.  It's a genuine group of ladies who are ALL ABOUT giving glory to God, and to Him only.  It's not a new message --knowing God and loving Him.   But it was a great and powerful reminder of who God is and how he has worked/works in the lives of people.  The encouragement from IF was far reaching.  Jennie Allen is passionate about loving God in our world today and what that looks like for us.  "IF we believe God is real, then we want more than ever to live like it."  She admits all her faults, doubts and her need for grace.  She is sure of God and who He is.  Boldly, she challenge us to dig deep and believe Him with all we have.  The 200 women who attended seemed to catch that vision.  So exciting to share this w friends and those locally... and to see them thrive!

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