Sunday, March 15

Joneses Take Disney!!!! :) (Saturday and Port Orleans)

 Julie and fam came down for a Disney Vacation w Blake's family.  They were here for about a week.  We got to join them for the Saturday and Sunday and... IT. WAS. SO. FUN.  ****Sappy ALERT*** But it also made me sad that we don't live closer.  That I can't see them as much as I want to.  That I don't get to pick the girls up from school for Jules or have them spend the night when Julie and Blake are on a date.  Or that Julie and I can't brave the world in daily adventures with littles and bigs in tow.  Julie is so fun, very silly,  but can tell me things I need to hear.  So when we have times like this it's making up for lost time.  Being with her and Blake is easy and hilarious.  Thanks for including us in this vakay!
 Ariel's grotto
 King Triton


 Family selfie (supposed to have mickey flowers in back…)

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