Thursday, April 30

End of April

So nice to be able to take a day and head to the beach!  We did this one Sunday (one RAINY Sunday) and thankfully the downpour stopped when we drove on to the beach. :) Risky…I know. :)

Colbie Jean w her rain boots on. :)
Time Hop of my fridge when the Co loved his cars. :)  these were color changers (in hot and cold) so I often found them in my fridge.
Last few weeks of having company in carline!!!  Sweet Colbs.

Wednesday morning Bible study at CCC
Ann had us over after the last study for lunch. Her home was BEAUTIFUL!  And the company was even better. :)

When the sprinklers come on at 4 pm each day…this is what happens. :)

She dresses herself. :)

My babies. :)

Notes to their teachers on teacher appreciation week.

Isaac's lunch when we picked him up part way thru…smiley fries included. :)
Cabana girl at the Jones pool. :)

Saturday, April 25

April once again…. :)

Sweet Isaac drew this for his sister.  She looked at the first one and said, "Why isn't it purple?"  So sweet Isaac drew another one.  COBLIE.  :I

Another fort!!

I love these kids. :)
Field trip to the Kennedy Space Center w Daisy's grade. :)  Another fun time w a friend and easy kids.  They are not all this relaxed…so I know to be thankful when they are!
(pardon my poof! #outtacontrol)
Daisy, Janae, and Megan

?, Gormans, Adala, Emma, Daisy, Janae, Megan

where they build the rockets (above)
how they move them to the launch pad (below)
Launch simulation :)

We gotta a little bit of too cool but mostly fun to be with version of Daisy. :)
Chaperone selfie (4th grade photobomb!)

Borrowed Alli's kicks for the trip

Rocket Garden


the ride home was TORTURE for Daisy.  Therefor it was for me too. UGH. But I got my hair done...
See what I mean????

Fun posters from Rachel!!! ROLL TIDE!
Look at sweet Huddy for his Easter pics. :)


Jill w Coop and every one wanting to touch him in chapel. :)

Office art

Dan's new car!

He is talking about Colin Elfring.  So sweet. :)

Daisy and I went shopping together one Saturday.  It was a BLAST. I love hanging w Daisy Jones. :)