Sunday, April 19

April again...

 Lately Colbie has been saying she wants to be like a Mom.  And I will find her copying how I stand or wanting to be doing what I am.  She will go get a book (that she CANNOT read-- like C.S. Lewis, for instance!) and be holding it just like I am while I read.  It's pretty sweet. And in these pics she was wanting to be like me by the pool.  She has on my hat.  And then had to have a towel.  And sometimes we have to just go ahead and share the chair. HA!
 Sweet girl. :)
 The neighborhood in the hot tub. :)
 Look at my time hop!!!!  My babies!!
 Then one rainy week they all built a BIG fort in Daisy's room.  I remember doing this so well as a kid. They were very creative and all had their own spots to set up a little nest.

Central had an IF: Table to show ladies how easy it would be to have one in their own home!  We had a fun night of discussion and good food.  Just like ladies like it. :)

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