Saturday, April 25

April once again…. :)

Sweet Isaac drew this for his sister.  She looked at the first one and said, "Why isn't it purple?"  So sweet Isaac drew another one.  COBLIE.  :I

Another fort!!

I love these kids. :)
Field trip to the Kennedy Space Center w Daisy's grade. :)  Another fun time w a friend and easy kids.  They are not all this relaxed…so I know to be thankful when they are!
(pardon my poof! #outtacontrol)
Daisy, Janae, and Megan

?, Gormans, Adala, Emma, Daisy, Janae, Megan

where they build the rockets (above)
how they move them to the launch pad (below)
Launch simulation :)

We gotta a little bit of too cool but mostly fun to be with version of Daisy. :)
Chaperone selfie (4th grade photobomb!)

Borrowed Alli's kicks for the trip

Rocket Garden


the ride home was TORTURE for Daisy.  Therefor it was for me too. UGH. But I got my hair done...
See what I mean????

Fun posters from Rachel!!! ROLL TIDE!
Look at sweet Huddy for his Easter pics. :)


Jill w Coop and every one wanting to touch him in chapel. :)

Office art

Dan's new car!

He is talking about Colin Elfring.  So sweet. :)

Daisy and I went shopping together one Saturday.  It was a BLAST. I love hanging w Daisy Jones. :)

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