Tuesday, April 14

April: randoms and Isaac's field trip

This is how Jeaner and I roll in Publix if I have a busy Monday morning.  I grab her from school and we head to the store.  We swing by the deli and grab this girl one of the kids meals.  She hops in the cart, sits on a reusable bag (usually the thermal one--to protect her little buns) and eats while I shop.  It works!  :) And I may or may not grab several bites of the PB and Honey on a King's Hawaiian rolls. :)

 And this is something that makes my heart happy.  A handful of kids hanging in my laundry room while I am folding clothes (again on a Monday).  They were all singing.

I got to go w the Co to his field trip to the Tampa Aquarium.

 Our partner was Addison K.  And we stuck w Addison F, Collin E and Joanne.

 Fish faces
 I actually joined the kids in this underwater petting zoo…but I couldn't feel a think cause the water was FREEZING.

This day was so much fun!  Joanne and I were very methodical and had fantastic kids to watch.  Yay for an enjoyable field trip w a good friend!

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