Saturday, February 28

Goodbye to Grams in Spring

Grams passed away in Feb in Columbus, GA.  Peggy was by her side.  We had a family service at CVC in Columbus.  And in bittersweet fashion of funerals we got to see family we never do while remembering Grams.  Many stories were shared in the service about how Grams always had Dr Pepper, great hearing, advice for an extra rinse cycle and a love for God. It was a sweet time of reflection.

Seeing old family pictures are always a highlight to a time of mourning.  Here is a family picture from long ago.  Look at Buddy below.  Now that is PRESH. :)

The family who came to the service. Caulleys, David Joneses, Rachel (Belcher) Moore and boys, Don and Pam Belcher (Buddy's sister), Meems and BePops, Peg (Buddy's sister) and Bob Carter and their sons Adam (w Emma) and Nick, and us. ;)
 This is Daniel showing one of Rachel's boys how to open up a transformer from a rock to a robot…he was fascinated…AND ADORABLE. :)

Daisy has had her own style for a while now.  However I think these boots w dance attire was more LAZY than style.  Who wants to walk up stairs and get the right shoes?  Not this girl.  Not today! :)
Colbs and Sara Boutwell. :)  They are quite the strong willed pair. HA!
This year has been so much fun watching what each season brings in our yard!! Spring is just a beautiful time IN FEBRUARY in FL.  No more azaleas at Easter for me…it's early in the Sunshine State. :)

NO filter!!  They were THIS bright!!

Daisy likes to text us at night after we have said goodnight. :)  I love this girl.

Colbie's 4 year old pics at SPCS
Making signs for a Spring Fling at SPCS...

Noticed a plant had made itself at home in our A/C unit!!!

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