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Spring Break 2015: Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas

And then…there it was at Port Canaveral!

Mickey was there to greet us before getting on the ship.

We checked the kids into the Oceaneers Club at the Port.

My app countdown :)
When we got on the ship they announced, "Welcome the JONES Family!!"  And staff all clapped as we walked in.  There were characters waiting to greet us!  We saw Belle first thing!

Oops…this is where you get on… :)

View out of our room
I got some passes to see characters on board and also our dinner reservations.
Water slide!  We got in our suits and hit the pool!

 Isaac in the Oceaneers Club.  He LOVED it! (Monsters Inc room)
 Toy Story room!

 Having a blast at the Sail Away party!  Dancing fun at the show.

 Mom took this pic above…and also this couple enjoying the show…and about 47 of the ladies thigh in front of her as she fought her way up the stairs back to us! :) HAHAHAHA!
 Putt-putt on the top deck.

 Headed to the room to get ready for dinner.

 We went to the show after dinner.  The first night was the Golden Mickeys.  It was an award show of the best characters.  It went through tons of old movies too which was fun for someone who grew up watching Disney movies. :)
 Oceaneers Club was amazing.  These arm bands were basically tracking devices…they knew where they were at all times.
Then family dance party in the Adult Club (way to use the space wisely Disney!). It was a blast!  We actually went to several of these during the cruise. :)

 First nights turn down.  Dan's sunglasses on the penguin, 5 "Sleepy" chocolates and the next days itinerary.

 THis thing was perfect.

 LOTS of people decorated their stateroom doors.  We didn't go all out but made a few fun ones.  :)

 Found Goofy on the way to see Frozen girls.

 Lobby Princess meet and greet.

 Lunch…Mickey pasta. :)

 Giving ketchup in the shape of a mickey head. :)

 Peter Pan and Daisy

OK----AS USUAL…these are all outta order.  And when I put them in a book…they will be shoved all on several pages.  So I will caption them to make myself feel better but know they will not match in the book.  :/

This was Animators Palate.  This night I could really feel the boat move.  There were no windows but you could feel yourself sink in your seat but the room seemed still.  So strange.  Thankfully the patch worked like a charm (til I doubled up when it was supposed to run out and my eyes dilated! Wow…reading the tiny schedule after that was rough!).

Crush came to life on the screen and talked to people at the dinner tables!

Mickey icecream for dinner.
My dairy free!

Saw Elsa and Anna the next morning!
We happened to bring them along w us as well. :)

This was Nassau.  And we never set foot off the boat.  We stayed on an enjoyed the smaller crowd. :)
We went to see the Princesses!

Made our beds in the am and put up the kids beds. :)
We used these little "wave phones" to call each other on the ship.  And to keep in touch w the Oceaneers Club.  The kids could come and go when they wanted…so we would get a text that let us know they were ready to be picked up.

Papa was waiting on Jeaner...

Fun, shaded kids area for littles.

 We went to an adult dinner one night at Palo.  It was DELICIOUS.
 Another fun turn down!  Complete w Colbie's dolls on her bed!

 We ordered milk and cookies from room service (which is always FREE!) before bed.

 Good morning!

 Breakfast w a view of Castaway Cay.


 Capt Jack was there.  He was AMAZING.

 Poor Dad.  He didn't sleep well most nights.

 Daisy had her hair braided.  It was pretty painful (as you can tell by her face!).

 Below--Mom strikes again….JK MOM!  This was hard cause the sun was super bright.  Don't quit on me mom…I need you to take my pic! :)

 My cute little pirate. :)  When we got back to our room there were 5 bandanas on our bed for the Pirate party on deck that night.
 Below is the Disney staff waving bye as we left the port…with Mickey gloves on!
 Pirate time!!

 Staff was all dressed as pirates too for dinner and we walked thru the group as they cheered and "Arg-ed" us- HA!

 Dad is SO FUN!


 Turn down WINNER OF THE WEEK…the monkey! :)  And some pirate booty.  The details Disney!!
 Time for the pirate party!

 We went to see a ventriloquist that night.  He was the ONLY part of the week that was just Ok to me.
 Atta girl Jeeg. :)

SO on board they have photographers EVERYWHERE.  And they can scan your "Key to the World" card or use FACIAL RECOGNITION!     They assigned our room to a "book" in library on the ship.  And you could check your book and it would be loaded w 8x10's of EVERY SINGLE PIC TAKEN of you and your fam.  You could also get a photo book for $450 (I wish that was a joke!) of them all.  You could also purchase all the pics.  I (Illegally) took these pics of the pics w my phone.  We paid them enough…they owe us some pics. ;)

But this was us boarding. :)

 Pirate selfies
 We went to an event about how to be a pirate…and we were chasen as volunteers. :)

 Deck party--Jack Sparrow came down from the top of the ship!

 Midnight Buffet

Got to be alone w Colbs one day at the pool. :)
The hot tub was swarming w kids…and she didn't care one bit!

We went to the Mickey 200 derby.  We had to make a car w a potato, carrots and toothpicks using a knife.

 Our veggie car won for the Coachs Favorite.  (Notice Colbie's swimsuit…ah the cruise life!)
In the afternoons it was Disney Channel on Deck and the kids did relays. And then they played some of the favs of DC---my personal fav weren't always chosen (ahem) but still fun to watch pool side.
 Games, fun and Disney Channel shows.
 Just taking in the sights after a shower. :)

First selfie stick FAIL.  It wasn't charged…so we had to pass off the phone to someone else to take the pic. :(  These 2 guys, Kruno and Guin (winn)? were our waiters they whole cruise (every restaurant we went to for dinner--except the adult dinner night).  They were great!! Accents were strong but they worked hard and pampered us all week.  Especially me!  All DAIRY FREE---even dessert.

Turn down. :)
Last night there was a farewell event w all the characters.

Afterwards they dropped Mickey shaped confetti.  So Colbie and I went down to grab some. :)

Isaac had to be PRYED out of the Oceaneers club…we looked thru a window and found him hanging w 2 workers.  Just chattin' it up!

Daisy made a friend the last night.  She and Isaac both begged to stay in the Club til 12.  So we killed time watching Enchanted on the pool deck til then. :)

So long Disney Cruise.  You were phenomenal.  We loved every second of you!!!!!  We would LOVE to come back and do this all over again!! :)  After we recover, that is. This was at 10 am on the way home! :)

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