Monday, April 13

The Nicholsons came to town!

 We had been looking forward to this for a long time!!  The NICHOLSONS were at OUR HOUSE!!

 So fun to meet and hold Abby Jones.

 And play with Ruth Michael.  And it's always a treat to see Iddy!!!

 Daisy and Iddy were taking under water pics.  HA!  Can't wait to see how they turn out.

 DISNEY TIME!!  We did it!  We braved Disney w a range of ages and survived!!!  We stayed at Carribean Beach on Disney property.  We went to the Magic Kingdom one day and then Hollywood Studios the next.

 Ok Sarah and I had fast passes w the girls to have our pic taken w Mickey.  But it wasn't just Mickey…it was TALKING Mickey.  And he even said things specifically to us!  It was very neat.  But AJ wasn't really buying it. :)
 Such a fun moment to remember…ESPECIALLY for Abby Jones. :)

 Endured a down pour with 6 kids ranging 13 to 3 months.  We. Are. Amazing. (Or crazy…either way!)

Abby Jones had had it. So she found respite beneath many layers on a bench. :)

 And this is Sarah and I braving the VOYAGE back to the hotel via bus.  It only took ONE SOLID HOUR. But we did it!  And laughed hard doing it.  :) What else can you do???

 Disney Jr

 Above:  March

Below:  April. :)

 Disney got a MUCH better photo. :)

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