Saturday, May 30

May days...

Biking to Stella's for lunch

Jessica needed a non-Christmas message on her board. ;). So I did this... But upside down :(. (Daniel moved the wire so I didn't have to start all over!).
God times in the pool

We downloaded Valerie Wiener's font and had a blast trying to write like her!

While the kids were in school Colbs and I played some Guess Who. She hasn't totally mastered it yet which made for some comical moments. "Is yours Eric?" "No, baby I told you he DIDN'T have yellow hair..." "I. KNOW!.... UGH!" Hahahaha!!!

Anne (below) feels my pain... Haha! Anne's expression says, "I think we will win this one too..." Yes, Anne. Yes we will. :)

Isaac wanted he and Daniel to be twins when we went to dinner on Thursday night. :)

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