Wednesday, June 10

few more Nashville favs

 Front Yard FUN!

 Jeeg has been on Pinterest. :)  Here we are blowing up a giant yard bubble w a painters drop cloth sealed w duct tape.

 Then they started playing "Ambulance" and you would hear "HELP ME.  Please I am dying!" And the ambulance (Daisy and Isaac w a towel) would run over, pick them up and take them to the hospital. It was all fun an games till the ambulance would wreck, trip or fall. Yikes...

 East Nashville Farmers Market    Milk Shakes!

 Baliz came to hang w us. :)

There was a talent show later that evening. :)

 We went and swam at a community pool w water slides!

 Poor flower from Chick-Fil-A.  Looks like its been circumcised. HA!

 Out to eat Mexican for my BDAY!!! :)

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