Friday, June 26

Meems visit to Ocala

 She took me and Daisy to get pedicures!!  And the kids got Monopoly to play. :)  The game that NEVER ends... But we have really liked it.
 Got this card from Nanny.  I love the "You are just the best."  I love Nanny. :)
 Reading on the porch one afternoon while it rained.

 I did a little DIY (which never QUITE turns out the way I had in mind...) and I needed to protect the pedi. ;)
 Meems and the kids set up a salon for Colbie and Isaac who didn't get to go get a pedi.  :)  Isaac was at Flag football camp at the Y and Colbie was in VBS.

 Bless their cloudy little hearts...

 Meems and I both loved this quote. :)
 My little VBS camper. :)

 TWINS.  Kinda!
 The Phillips new pool is getting filled!! YAY!

Here is Isaac's list for his Bday.  He's been at this for months!!

Hightops (red nike), football bag, Dick's gift card, Headphones and roller blades (or skates:)).

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