Monday, June 29

Monday of Vakay

The forecast called for rain and clouds.  The guys went to golf and we took the kids to the beach. It was cloudy but didn't rain.  It was nice to not have to worry about the kids getting scorched!

 We headed in about lunch time and we all got dressed so when the guys got back we could SHOP! :)
 The grandkids pic on the beach :)
 We all gave Scott his Bday gifts. We gave him Face Coasters and a Yeti koozie.

 Huddy wasn't up for it. :)
 Blake grilled us some delicious chicken. :)
 View from the porch.


 After dinner we had church together. :)

 Here's Lu's turn on what we loved about was. precious.

 Then a few of us went to walk on the beach at night.  :)
 The next am I went on a bike ride w Julie and Mom. Below the kids are saying bye and throwing ice at us. :)

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