Tuesday, June 30

Tuesday on Vakay

 Calypso (the street we were on) in Destiny by the Sea :)

A professional sandcastle company came and built this for some people on the beach!  Guess they hired them?  It was impressive.
 lunch time

 This is kinda how we roll... relaxin' w feet in the water

 Papa was in full force on the beach.
 We could have told you this (below) was doomed before it began...

 Nanny gave me this hat. Came in handy!
 This was Em walking back from the pool.
 Following Grandpa Moses home...HAHAHAHA!

 Papa helped the girls fly kites!

 See what I mean about Papa???
 We went early to dinner in hopes to have family pics done before Huddy went down.

 It didnt work out.  Too bright and too windy. :/

So then icecream!

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