Wednesday, June 24

Wednesday on Vakay

Guys golfed again and we hit the beach w the kiddos.  Huddy was not as thrilled w the beach as we were. :)  But they tried everything to convince him otherwise. :)

Also, it's a tough task to keep the little one from the sand creations.

This pic kinda sums up his feelings about the beach.  Note:  sand in each and every crevice of his sweet little self.

When the guys got back the big girls hit the beach ALONE for the afternoon...

We played some games (Mad Gab and Catch Phrase).  Scott and Julie got in to it...she got "chicken winged" by Scott. HAHAHAH!

Isaac is a baby whisperer...Huddy loved him.

View of the den in the morning :)
Sofia the First :)

Scott enjoying his coffee (yes, he's a new drinker since Kristy cut him off of Mtn Dew!)
Daisy fixed my hair w a napkin.

Blake and Isaac played Monopoly.  Isaac may have cheated.  We'll have to start watching for that...

We left all our stuff at the beach to come in for lunch...and then a HUGE storm came.  The guys rushed to save our stuff.

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