Friday, July 31

Friday in Maine

Daisy made an M pancake for Meems!

BePops read a Narnia book to the kids thru the week.  Meems took a pic to show what the older 2 look like listening...
And then Colbs. :)  When you read her a book you can hardly finish a sentence before she has a comment or question.  Bless the readers heart! ;)

We had a slow easy morning hanging out at home.  We took our coffee in to the woods and sat on the benches and seats there.  The wind was blowing thru the trees.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  

Many times while I was there I would randomly think, "Wonder if there is game on today?" I think my body is programmed to expect football with the warm sun, the cool breeze and the fall-ish temps.  Funny how the mind works!

This property was breath taking.

View of other house we shared the yard with. :)

There was a giant totem pole there...didn't photograph well AT ALL.  
On our adventures we found a second private beach!

This was such a fun morning being out on this gorgeous land and this beach.  

The weather was warm (80 degrees) and the water was freezing!  The kids and Daniel got in and played around.  

Seaglass Rainbow!

We had a "left over lunch" outside on the picnic tables.  Then did some packing (**SOB!**).  Thinking about leaving was a bummer. 

View from the screened in porch :)

Then we headed out for a late afternoon hike.  Isaac got carsick in the back.  Looks like we have a couple kids that struggle with it.  GOOD to know. :/

This one was probably (as they say in Alabama) "worn slap out" with all we did this week.  And her behavior showed it.  Yowza.

This pic below looks MUCH worse than it was.  ;)

Selfie stick!!!


After this little hike we headed over to Little Hunters Cove and climbed around on the rocks. 

 Heeeeeey...;)  (haha)

Later that night we went to eat in Bar Harbor at Fish House Grill.   
(below is the Reading Room where Daniel and I had our date!)


After dinner the guys and kids hung out in Agamont Park.  Meems and I went to check out a few stores. :)  And then we all headed to Sand Beach again to see if we could star gaze.  Unfortunately it was a FULL moon making it hard to see the stars.

We all passed around Daniel's phone to find constellations.  (and the mosquitos or sand flies or something were vicious!!)

We couldn't really see the stars very well.  But it was a fun adventure! :)

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