Saturday, July 4


Friday we chilled all day at the beach w the Cagle cousins.  The whole group came over to hang with us!  It was sunny and HOT.  

 Daniel said he got many looks from people on the beach. HAHAHAHA. He said someone even tried to take his pic on the sly!

 Notice the barcode on the lower right corner. :)))))
 #selfiestick  #selfiestickFAIL #sorrykids!

 Papa at his most impressive...napping w a baby on the beach.

 We suntanned on tattoos. Oops

 Colbie (5), Georgia (3-almost 4), Jackson (10), Isaac (7), Charlie (7) and Daisy (10)
 Big Dave's Fish Bowl for dinner

 When we walked around outside after (I think this was the Destin Commons?) They had a fly over!  I think it was WW1 planes from Army, Navy, Air Force and ?.  Pretty amazing.


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