Saturday, July 25

Headed to MAINE!

This year we went to Maine for our family vakay.  Daniel made all the plans last summer!  We chose to fly Allegiant Air bacause it was a direct flight from the Samford (Orlando area) airport.  It's possible that it was a little cheaper...but not sure it was worth it. :/ Our flight left at 7:05 am.  So we left at 3:30 am.  In all the excitement no one really slept on the way in the car OR the plane.  Even the 5 year old!!  What you see below lasted as long as it took to take this pic.  HA.  No, but seriously it was a 15 min nap.  Daniel and I wanted to sit together so we stuck the kids in the row behind us.  They did really well.  Isaac worked on his notebook to keep his school skillz up. :)  They watched movies and colored and such.  I sat next to a lady from Orlando.  Very sweet...and chatty.  So no nap for me either. :)

 We made it!!!  In the rental ready to go.  First, lunch in Bangor then off to Ellsworth to buy groceries.

Ate some chicken pad thai and hit the road.
 Downtown Bangor

We grocery shopped at the Hannaford in Ellsworth.  GRACIOUS.  It was packed and crazy.  I was so worried I was in someones way the whole time.  It was stressful to stop and consult my list!!  Daniel was a hero and, armed w fortitude and a short list, he would take the kids (!) to find the items.  We had 2 small carts full of food and I was ready to get outta there!

We drove the rest of the way to Bar Harbor (well just outside), turned left on to a gravel road...and made it to Tranquility.  Literally...not just the house name but the LAND! We quickly unloaded the groceries and explored the house.   They had a gift bag waiting for us from Jordan's (blueberry goodies!!).

 Look who's in a great mood from all her sleep...(her name rhymes with Polbie...) :)

 View to the left down the drive way (toward the bigger house).
 The grounds were lush green and well kept by 2 grounds keepers!  There were paths all thru the woods, ponds, 2 private beaches, a large totem pole, a croquet court, bocce ball court, apple orchard, a dock to walk out on...paradise.  :)
 Fresh flowers were waiting for us inside.

 The master

Daniel proposing to the door...or fighting to get it open.  One of those...
 View of the porch from master balcony.
 View of yard from master porch.


 View of the house from the woods...

 There was an area of moss all over the carpet.  We said we felt like we were in Frozen!

 Maine was in full swing "summer" (mid sixties to 80!).  All the flowers were in full bloom!

 This totem pole was VERY tall but I got no good pic of it.  Don't cry.  It's the only thing I didn't get a pic of. HA! JK I may have missed one more thing. ;)

 SUCCULENTS...surviving outside!  Meanwhile, back in Ocala, there are several DYING on my back porch.

 Path to the beach...

 Rock climbing at low tide (which we didn't know was low tide...but wound up tracking the tide thru the week!)

 The rocks on the shore were so cool looking, breaking in geometric shapes.

 And the pine smell was delish!
 Tide pool hunting
 And here begins my small photo obsession w barnacles.  I am not ashamed--they are fascinating.  And hard as a rock.  Great to use for grip but pretty sure they could cut you.  We learned that little animals attach themselves to a rock, then from that little opening send out a little fan shaped appendage that grabs plankton out of the ocean water for nourishment.  You're welcome for that new fun info. :)
 Rock climbing

Fun with pics on the dock.

 We started hunting for sea glass (a MUST DO on the trip check list) and were having a hard time knowing what we were looking for.  After a quick Google search and some helpful facts we started finding them all over the beach!  You had to have had good eye to see them.  Funny that we have turned sailors littering into a fun Maine beach past time/ treasure hunt!

 Not quite the same beaches we have in FL. :)

 Jelly fish washed up

 Passed thru the small apple orchard on the way back to the house.

 Croquet court
 It was chilly and we were a little wet so we got cozy by the fire (IN JULY) when we got back. :) (Thankfully it was remote controlled. ;))
 MAINE Monopoly was there at the house. :)

 Meems and BePops arrived that evening.  We had BLT's for dinner and took a walk around the house.

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