Monday, July 27

It's all about ME

Monday in Maine (ME). :)

Have I mentioned I love to travel?  I love being new places and seeing how things are done differently.  I am posting weeks later and I still can't get over this trip.  I feel like I have gotten to feel that way about several trips this year.  Just so much fun!

Speaking of new...61 degrees in July.  Fantastic.  
Also note I had 4% on my phone.  Yikes.  Too many pics taken! 
Meems and the kids made the Jordan House pancake mix one morning.  They used the blueberry syrup also. It was deLISH.

Way to go iPhone camera!!   

We headed out this morning to a Peregrine Falcon nest viewing in Acadia.  When we got there...this is what it looked like (below...behind that fog is a moutain side cliff).  Womp, womp. :/ There we 2 Rangers there to teach us about it and show us some pics.  They mentioned that the little baby birds were probably learning to fly and probably weren't in the nest anyway. 
Isaac wasn't feeling well (carsick!) so Daniel had him in the car.  #twins :)
We decided from there to head home and enjoy the land the house was on.  When we turned the corner to pull into the house we saw a deer!!

Found this little card for Jeeg and Papa. :)  They love birds and we love finding them in Nashville and Ocala.  
After lunch the kids and Daniel were playing outside and Meems and Beeps (ha!  It keeps shortening...) began a riveting game of Connect Four over lattes. :)))))  I believe I can take some credit in Meems' victory over BePops by distracting him w conversation. ;)  

I hope this gives you an idea of the pace of this trip.  It was great.  I must admit...coming back to the house was not my idea of  a good time.  But I am thankful to be taught another way of living.  Slowing down and enjoying the day and the people you are with is a great way to vacation.  This day was GREAT!)

Walking through these woods was like a movie set!
The moss was like carpet!

I love this pic of Daniel and Daisy. :)

We used the fire pit that night.  
Below is the big house that the owner of the property stays in.  I can't imagine what the inside must have been like!!!  It was huge and there was a room that faced the ocean that had windows in a circle facing the view.  WOW.
Headed down to the ocean.  Meems was ready to find some sea glass!!  You can barely see Isaac's head...

Low tide.

We found a little cave that Isaac was exploring. :)

Heeeeyyyy Barnacles....  How you doin'??? HAHA....still...they are so cool lookin'...right!?!

Comparing sea glass finds.  
BePops:  Hey, lets see who can find the rock most shaped like a nail...I WIN (holding up a long skinny rock).  

The rock below will be called the Selfie Rock.  Yes, there is a story.

We all decided to climb up on it all together and take a pic. What started as an innocent attempt to get a pic sooner turned into an epic challenge.  HA!  I exaggerate but it was it was HUMONGOUS rock and quite a feat getting every one up on it!  
I have no idea what this approach was (below) cause surely he knew that the weakest were perched on top, waiting for their arrival all the while laughing hysterically.  


Daniel is next...

Then we went for the pic...and BePops points out mid-selfie that being on the rock is NOT documented AT ALL cause no one can tell where we are sitting!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

Atleast this pic has some background.  But still NO proof of all the effort and wonder we experienced on that rock....:). Way to go kids for keeping those eyes opened... ugh....(btw you could make a hysterical game of watching Isaac in all our pics...I mean the faces.  It's really comical.  Mainly cause I have to laugh or it makes me mad. (!)
Time to exit!  BePops seriously did take some for the team with all the Selfie Rock shenanigans.  Scrapes and all I think he would still say it was worth it. :)

We spent the whole afternoon out on this beach, looking for sea glass and other washed up things.  
Searching spoils...
Tide pools

We combined some of our finds to make this fun art. :)

Headed home for dinner

Then we saw the Bocce court...

It. Was. On.

We came in and made dinner.  Then the guys headed out to make us a fire!

Moon over the water. :)  The fog was kind of haunting.  And it would come and go at the craziest times (see Thursday for an example!).

S'mores time!

The kids liked this finished attic space to sleep in.  They laid on futon mattresses and each had a down comforter.  This was great on the days it stayed in the 60s.  But on the warmer days it was warmish up there at night.

Night-night Coco and Beaner!

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