Friday, July 24

July stuff

 We heard from some old friends!  Desire, Nadia and Tiffany!  We were neighbors in Tanglewood. :)  Tiffany and Isaac were born 2 weeks apart.  SO neat to hear from her and catch up.  They are in Texas.
 Summer crafting.  **I never do this.  So when I do...I blog it. :)

 Emilie was in FL from NYC for a month!  She came to see me one afternoon.  SO fun to see her :)
 Bella Dancerella still reigns supreme for Colbs.  And she's a precious little ballerina if I do say so myself. :)

 Colbie w her baby in the stroller and purse. :)
 Making a list for MAINE...
 ROOTS meeting about Courage.

We went skating.  Colbie WON a game and got a free drink at the concession stand.  She thought she was the stuff.  Especially as we cheered like crazy as she was coming off the rink floor.  Hilarious. :)

 True Love of a mother...holding these NASTY skate sweated socks going to the car. UGH!

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