Tuesday, July 28

MAINE-iacs on Tuesday ;)

 Wrestling (or "wrastling"as it's called in Decatur, AL) w Daddy
 Meems glasses. ;)  Colbie Jean my soon-to-be Kindergartener!! No way!

 I looked across the den and saw this...and realized how big she is getting.  Going into 5th grade and becoming more grown up everyday!  I love this Daisy Jones.
 North and South Bubble Mountains.  The view from our table at lunch at Jordan Pond House. :)

Isaac's version of the view.  PRESH.

 Our meal here was maybe the best one on the trip.  UH-mazing.  The only problem was the BEES.  Who loved the jam for the turn overs.  WOWZERS.

If you look closely at Isaac's forehead it's a bee/wasp that was swarming! They were a little outta control!

Time to hike up Bubble Mountain! :)  And to see Bubble Rock.

We hiked around Jordan Pond and then up...THIS trail.  It was a little more difficult than we anticipated!


Note the small sliver that BePops was navigating...that was precisely what my kids RAN UP and over when I was behind them.  To say I was freaking out and alarming the lady who was nursing her BABY in that small cleft of the rock (pictured to BePops left!) next to me is an understatement.  I just didn't want anyone to plunge to their death on our fun hike.  And it seemed that's exactly what Isaac and Colbie wanted to do!!
But we made it.  Even up the part where they had added some iron rungs to help you up a steep part. (Wide eyed emoji)

 We each chose a solid color T for the pic on the top....hahaha.  We didn't but funny that it turned out that way. ;)

Bubble Rock!  It seems perched on the side of the mountain yet has no intentions of ever moving. So weird!

We hiked down the back side of the mountain (a much easier hike!) and rode the bus back to our car at JPH.  Then we headed to Cadillac Mountain. :)

It was CHILLY and beautiful!

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