Sunday, July 26

More of the MAINE thing...(Sunday) (AND THIS IS MY 1000th BLOG!!!!!)

Sunday!  Well in Maine, this far east, the sun is up BRIGHT AND EARLY.  Think early 5's.  Yup.  So  the kids did their best to sleep but we were hoping for later.  Especially from the little one.  Oh well.

Morning frisbee on the lawn anyone? 

 Meems and I enjoying coffee on the porch.  The steam was rising out of our cups!  Such a nice change from the summer of the South!
 We decided to head into town to check out Bar Harbor.  It was an overcast and chilly day (not one great for views on hiking trails).

Below is where we wound up eating lunch.  

 Ok fine.  I'll admit it again.  I am NATURE GIRL.  We called my Dad Nature Boy for always calling our attention to "Gorgeous old trees" and bushes in "full bloom!" which we, as children, would roll our eyes.  And here I am snappin' pics of ALL THINGS NATURE.  

 This is summer for Maine (as warm as it gets!) so the flowers were in "full bloom" everywhere!!

 We ate at this restaurant later in the week. :)

 I went back to buy this was GONE.  :(

 I didn't realize that Maine was known for blueberries!! 

 Shops in BH.

 Bar Harbor

 Happy Pants was NOT thrilled that she didn't get to solo this pic w the giant lobster.  Can you tell?

 We walked past it again and had a do over. 

 I love this pic cause it's Buddy w a map.  He's working his magic and he knew where to go and how to the get there the whole trip!

 Blueberry soda was big there.  It was tasty!

 OH we go!!
 It was a process to get that meat out!!!!  But we did it!

 But this was my fav part. :)

After lunch we went and walked Bar Island path since it was LOW tide.  It's a land bridge you can cross when it's low tide but is covered at high tide.  There is an island on the other side and we took the little hiking trail up to the top. 

 Heyyyyyy barnacles.... ;)

 We used the heck outta this tide schedule!  

 We headed in to Acadia National Park.  We decided to check out Loop Road.  On the way we stopped at Thunder Hole.  It's a big opening in between high rocks that makes a loud or "thunder" sound when the water crashes in it.  We never heard that sound.  But we did climb around on rocks. :)

 Isaac was running and hopping all over these rocks.  HEART ATTACK.  Especially when it started raining!!  

 BePops helping the kids up

 It started to rain so we headed out. We went by Jordan Pond House in Acadia but it was full w reservations.  So we grabbed some snacks and headed home for spaghetti. :)

Somewhere in there we stopped at the Visitors Center.  We talked w a Ranger and got some info.  The kids got books to become Jr Rangers.  We stayed for a short video on Acadia.  It was neat to know all we had ahead of us!

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