Thursday, July 30

Thursday in Maine

We drove to another Harbor (NE) for the day.  We missed the first ferry so we went to the main strip of Northeast Harbor for a little shopping and a snack. :)

(notice the Jamberry Nails!!!)

We hopped the ferry to get to Little Cranberry Island.  We were hoping to see some sights of Maine from the water...but as soon as we took off a fog came rolling in.  We could see NADA.

Lobster traps!  The bouys were ALL OVER the ocean by the Harbors.

This island looked like maybe we had gotten off at the wrong place. When walking to the restaurant I felt like I was walking behind a store or in someones back yard...and then there it was.  Crazy.  We rode the "Mail boat" in.  And people were getting on and off w CVS bags and groceries!!!  They lived on this island and had to go places via this boat! CRAY!
We figured this was the freshest lobster we may ever have a chance to that's what Daniel and I ordered. :)

This salad was crafted from the garden behind the restaurant.  Yes, those are flowers.  Yes I ate them.

Lobster is messy.  Hence the bib...

The sea gulls all lined up.
Blueberry crisp! Mmmmm...

We visited a small museum about the history of lobstering. 

The fog was unreal.  And a bummer cause we couldn't see the views and lighthouse we were hoping for. :(

Daisy had some fun taking her own pics.

Boarding the boat back to NE Harbor

The kids and Daniel played around at a park by the Harbor for a little bit.  

Once we loaded up we headed to the Asticou Garden

Later on we had Black beans and yellow rice for dinner.  Then the guys headed out to start a fire for s'mores.  Meems and I cleaned up the kitchen and then headed that way. On the walk there we encountered 3 adorable statues. ;) I stole the small one, tucked her stiff-self under my arm and carried her to the fire. :)  

After some dessert we went for a night walk on the beach...and searched for sea glass again. :)

Some of the week's spoils :)

Sea glass found it's way in to the dryer as well. :)

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