Wednesday, July 29

Wednesday was "Maine-ly" AMAZING

Are you tired of the Maine puns? ;)

Kids are still loving their attic beds. :)

Headed back into Acadia.
Attempt 2 to see the Peregrine Falcons...still no dice.  But we gave it a great effort.

Stopped by Thunder Hole again. :)

We visited the Sandy Beach in Acadia

 We went to Sieur Du Monte (nature center and gardens).  We watched this man building a life size wigwam from natural materials.

Daisy did all her work for the Jr Ranger Badge!

Headed to Bar Harbor for lunch and to grab some souvenirs...
(I shoulda bought that dang hat...oh well)

Isaac chose a hat.

These prints of Maine places were in all the shops.   I really like prints like this. :)

We enjoyed a great lunch w a great view!



The off to Diver Ed's Dive In Theater.

Diver Ed. :)

We all made name tags.  Diver Ed was GREAT.  He suited up and dove down w a camera to show us all the things he was gathering to bring up to show us.  He called the kids by name and was so fun (and a smidge crazy!).

This was Mini Ed...the diving partner he has to have to dive. :)

Scallop (below) puffing up to spit at him. :)

Teaching the kids after he came back.

Sea Cucumber

Touch tanks

He would make voices for the animals...pretty funny!

The Dive In Theater was a highlight of the trip!  So much fun and learned so much!

Whale skull!

Meems got Daisy some Jamberry Nails.  Yaaaaay. (no expression) ;)

Daisy and I got those suckers on...only having to navigate 20 mins of 4th grade attitude that they didn't make her into instant pageant queen (didn't exactly fit her nails).  She came out of it though. ;)

The men were napping so we took off to the beach again :)

Daniel and I had a date night!!  We had reservations at the Reading Room.

Watched the sun set. :)

Looked around Bar Harbor at night. :)

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