Friday, July 10

While she was at Camp...

We ate dinner w the Schucks. :)

 Cleaned out our loft!
 Saw this FAV memory on TimeHop
 And then one day Colbie, Me, Alli and Deanie went to get Pedis!!  So strange to only have TWO kids!  Note to self:  never let Deanie take your pic from down there.  Yowza. I felt MUCH cuter when I left that morning. HAHAHA

 This little Diva was in heaven.  She was SURE she wanted purple and wasn't afraid to tell the guy exactly what she wanted.  GRACIOUS.  She loved that Sprite in a CAN.

 And I loved my color. :)

 Then we picked Daisy up Friday!

I loved to hear the chatter that kept coming the whole way home in the car.  She and Madi told us tons of stories.  I think she had a good time w her friends there.  But she didnt have fun w the cabin mates who fought a lot.  :( But overall I think it was a good experience for her.

I was pretty happy to have her back with us. I may or may not have crawled up in her loft bed with her when putting her to bed that night. ;) I love this Daisy Jones.

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