Tuesday, August 18

School Starts!!

 This little one started FIFTH GRADE THIS YEAR.  Whaaaa?

 It's the big kids first day (Colbie stagger starts on Tuesday then Thursday and Friday).

 We went to swim after school. :)

Colbie's first day

 We recreated this little gem...

 SHE WAS SO READY.  (I fought tears the whole time...my throat was getting tight as we approached her class...)

 I barley made it to the car before the flood gates opened.  I ugly cried most of the way home.  Such a big day! Not because I was worried about Colblie but because I was closing a 10 1/2 year long chapter of my life.  I cannot believe that I don't have any littles anymore! Yet I have dreamed of this day for a long time. ;)  Colbie was so ready it was easy to let her go.  But it was hard for me to turn the page to this new phase of life as a mom.  Don't get me wrong I am loving it, but it's another reminder that time is speeding by...and my "littles" are now all "bigs." 


 Colbie and I had a hang out day that ended in disaster.  But it was fun at the start of the day!  HA!  #Dillardsdisaster #andIquoteGETYOURHANDSOFFME! #gettheetoKindergarten #immediately

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