Sunday, August 30

Time flies slowly by...

I am not sure I will ever get over it.  I was JUST THERE IN THAT PICTURE.  And here I am 5 years later after blinking. :)

Aren't they all adorable?!?

So Daisy does Safety Patrol.  She has to be there at 7:20 every day.  As a silver lining (pun kinda intended) we get to see the run rise as Isaac, Colbie and I head to wait in big carline.

Time Hop will now forever be KILLING ME. :)
We went for sushi one night and Daisy was eating edamame.  She was squeezing the pod and a pea shot out and into her little shirt pocket. :)
This made me DIE laughing.  I can't even...
Daisy and I striped up her cork board w some white spray paint.  Looks so cute in her room! (We've since added curtains as well.)

Thinking about painting the house...
Colbs at the office. :)
Daddy made a new basketball court in his office. :)

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