Friday, September 18

Colbie and Ms Crosby Bonded over Fiddler

This is an email from Ms Crosby, Colbie's Kindergarten teacher.  Loved this. :)

     The funniest and one of the most uplifting things happened today at Math Centers.  I was at Number Bingo with Colbie and the rest of her group.  We noticed that there was a marker in the tub without a lid on it, so that launched us into a discussion about how poor their Teacher is and how she doesn’t want to have to buy more markers.  I’ve told the students that I am a princess, but a poor and happy princess.  That’s when Colbie said, “Do you want a rich man?” I said, “Oh no, I don’t want a rich man…I am very happy being a poor princess.”  That’s when Colbie asked me if I knew about Fidder on the Roof!  Well, do I know about Fiddler on the Roof??!!  She and I launched into If I Were A Rich Man and Matchmaker, Matchmaker.  If Mrs.Hamby had come in she would have thought I had lost my mind, but I have to tell you…that Colbie and I harmonize really well together!  That show Fiddler on the Roof is one of my Dad’s absolute favorites and I grew up to him singing If I Were a Rich Man.  Dad is very ill right now and he doesn’t believe he will live much longer.  Singing that song with Colbie was a gift from above, and I’m very thankful…. Colbie helped me remember a much happier time J  

Kelly Crosby

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