Monday, September 28

Dallas, Jeeg and Papa visit

Safety Patrol Sunrise :)

Before pics :)

Mom and Dad came---you know what that means?!?  GETTER DONE!

Living room curtains!

Emma and Daisy did a play for us.  The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cousins?

Mom and I MADE the kitchen curtains.  

3:30 to Dallas!

Dinner w the Spencers!

Got home and Colbie showed us some art. :)

Daisy spent the night at Alexis' bday :)

Sunday lunch :)
Papa and Isaac talking football :)

So we got bored and thought...lets get some curtains up in the dining room.  HAHA. :) But seriously, let's go to Pier One. ;)

The next week the Co got strep.  So this is what we did for a few days. :) I love being his Mama. 

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jaymie said...

I feel the need to comment.... I have the "hey y'all" pillow. I seriously didn't know everyone didn't say that. Til I moved to Montana and everyone laughs at me. They're dumb.
The mcalisters cup TRIPPED ME OUT. I thought it was an up close pic of your cup with a sticker of your face??!?! WhAaat????
I love seeing pics of yall with Clint and Rach. I wanna be a 5th wheel!!