Tuesday, October 13

more October

MSA Fall Festival.  SO I over did it this year...I somehow wound up in charge of 2 booths.  Not a good idea.  But Daniel was a huge help.  And Jeanne Collette saved the day at the face painting booth. :)

Isaac at a photo booth. :)
Megan, Emma, Aubrey, Kara and Daisy

We went to watch Grant play at MCYFL

Sammy took the kids to the pumpkin patch while Daniel and I went to Tampa to see Richard Dawkins.

And they painted pumpkins!
Amy was in town this weekend. :)  Here is some polaroid proof.

 My workout partner is hardcore! :)
I helped run outside play PTA club at school in the fall. ;)

Daniel had some painting done in the office...and some of the staff was added to the crowd.  

And me. :)

Put all these babies in the mailboxes of our neighbors and hoped for the best!
Went to see Sarah Hart and her new baby Elizabeth.  I loved this pic of her three on her.  Reminded me of when I was in that stage. :)
Colbs waiting for a haircut. :)

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