Thursday, October 29

October continues...

We went to Coon Hollo with some friends.  It was one of the only days in the fall we could all stand to be in long sleeves!  Perfect day for fall fun...and everyone else in our area agreed...cause we were initially turned away at the gate (parking was too full)!!  

 Coon Hollo is always a BLAST!!!!  

Monday was a school holiday so we joined the Griggs in a Gainesville adventure! We stopped at Paines Prairie and then on to the FL Museum of Natural History and Butterfly Pavilion.

 Isaac was really into the view. ;)
 This room took me back to when I brought these kids as BABIES!

 Isaac stood so still...unfortunately for him butterflies like BRIGHT colors...not gray. :( 
But he lucked out a time or 2. 
 Butterfly on Daisy!  But when she saw this pic she said, "I shoulda worn cuter shoes!"  HA!

 Colbie's sorting project.  "WE" got an EXCELLENT :)
 Fall table :)

 Friday Lunch time!

 Isaac's art.

 Choosing pool changes...

 Coloring with the kids
 Biking with the Phillips!!

 Daisy's lizard eye art was chosen to be displayed at FAFO. :)

 We got this in a text of Huddy playing Hide and Seek....SO CUTE!
 Sunrise on the way there. :)

 Jenn and Bryan kept the kids at our house. :)  Did a little dibbling...

 This is one of my very fav things to do. So fun with good food and great friends!

Sweet Huddy!!!
 My desk makes me happy just looking at it! :)
 TNBS...sending a tweet to Beth Moore!!

 School pics
 More pumpkin painting! Emoji version. 

 Isaac was actually doing a project!  His was Awesome Man for his book report. :)

 more coloring

 Lu and Em!!!!  Halloween!
 In class with his project.  Pic was posted on Class Dojo.

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