Sunday, November 1

End of October...but really is there ever enough October? :)

Isaac and Colbs had a Sock Hop at MSA. :) It was Colbie's first one.  To say she was excited would be the understatement of the Universe. HA!  Bless her teachers heart!

 Isaac dancing with his buds.

 Who is that cute DJ on the stage? ;)  (Fifth grade has it's perks)

 Go Chase!

 Isaac had a group of boys following him around the dance floor to Frozen! HA!
 Colby and Jordynn

 Aunt Joanne, Aunt Nikki and Nan on their trip. :)
 Finished my coloring page!
 Forest vs Vanguard w the Millers and Bagasans :)

 Isaac is playing Y flag football :)

Isaac and Ava
Aunt Julie ran a half marathon on Halloween. The girls did a fun run. :)
Dad joined her.  IMPRESSIVE. :)
Reagan played too.  It was fun to play all week together in the yard then compete on Saturdays!
Halloween we had a neighborhood block party!!

(oops boys at the Sock Hop!)

Huddy in Atlanta!
Candy loot!

Set the what you can...the rest is GONE!

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