Sunday, November 29

Thanksgiving w the Joneses in Columbus

So when it's chilly outside and I am doing the laundry I will get out the sheets or towels and wrap the kids up in the straight from the dryer WARMNESS. :)
Isaac's teacher does Class Dojo and we get pics throughout the day. :)

We drove to Columbus to be with the Joneses for Thanksgiving!

Talking w Sarah in Kenya. :)
I got to see what my fam was up to on Thanksgiving. :)

Me, Anna, Eryn, (Girl from Meems church--I will ask and fill in later!), Meems, Aunt Peggy, Rachel
It was a delicious meal and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  They played outside ALL DAY.

We ended the day with a fire, devotional and s'mores!

We went to Bob and Peggy's house the next day.

Callaway Gardens to do the ropes course!

We stayed for Fantasy in Lights!

The next day the girls did a little shopping!

Bama Fam Cam Selfies for the IRON BOWL!

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