Sunday, March 29

More March

Dress up :)

Nanny was going on a trip and came by my house!!  Aunt Nikki, Nanny, Aunt Joann (Grandaddy's sister), Uncle William and mom's cousin Daniel.


 Dan and kids were up on our shed and got these pics…neat perspective!

 Got a new selfie stick for the cruise!!!!!

 Daisy had my phone at Richard's…and later I found this…HA.
 We went to see Home the first weekend of Spring Break.  Such a cute movie!!
 And on a whim we did this...
 Isaac's pic of the cruise boat based on that I had told him.

 Still all about bugs...
 A walk after dinner.
 When Daddy gets home…they hitch a ride.
 Getting ready!!!

Tuesday, March 24

IF: Table and MOPS Easter Party

 We joked that this bunny looked miffed to be there. :)

 Julie Preston, Andrea Nunez, Becky Gorman, Holly Lanker, Lisa Toler :)
 Maybe this is why?  Colbs… (:I)

 Afternoons at home on the cul-de-sac.  I cannot be more thrilled that my kids get to play w neighborhood friends outside after school!!
 I got my hair did…more blonde than usual.
 Awww…sweet Jules. :)

Egg Hunt swap from the self made egg hunt. :)