Friday, January 15


Silly boys outside in the COLD 60 degree weather...shirtless.

Playing community...they all had stores set up.
Daisy sends us texts after she goes to bed. :)

This was a "wish you were here" card from mom and dads visit to FL. :)
We took Daisy to Sound of Music in orlando for her Bday present. It was VERY good.

We ate at Kres again.

RTR for the Championship game!!

Sweet little CAPTAIN of the safety patrol. :)

She bought Heeleys with some Christmas money.

Daisy got a part in her school play!  She's the QUEEN. :)
Isaac's art of Jackie Robinson!
We won't mention what happened later on this hoverboard--while she was holding Colbie's hand, talking on the phone, AND managing a bump in the pavement.We are thankful she was OK!!

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