Monday, January 18

Rachel came to visit! :)

 I caught her at one of her FAV past times. :)  Ironing!!
 Daisy was recognized for her Tag Art.  She was one of 2 selected from the 5th grade class.  Each elementary school in Marion Co had 2 winners .  Atta girls Daisy!

 Daisy went to Homestead Day for Girl Scouts and Kristy sent me some pics while she was there. :)
 We went Kayaking with the Tolers at Silver Springs.

 I guess we wore Colbie out. HA!
 We went to The Villages for dinner at Red Sauce. :)

 We went to Target and took the pants off of a mannequin -- Daisy was freaking out. HA!

 We went by the office to see the new murals...looks so fun!

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