Saturday, February 20

Disney for Colbie's Bday

Waiting to eat at Belle's Castle!

She's excited!

She was a little flipped out in the Beast's room

she got overwhelmed driving the car!  HA!

But she got the hang of it!

We met Gaston...he was hilarious!

Dried Mango smoke break on the People Mover. :) HA!

Dapper Dans :)
Elsa taking it in. :)

We met TALKING MICKEY!  Who spoke Japanese to the girls in front of us!  Pretty cool.  And he asked Queen Elsa to dance.  

Took at little rest break. :)
Tiki room
Excited and dancing to the parade! :)

ELSA!! ANNA!!!!! HI!!!!


Mom take my picture by this... 
Dumbo.  She only wanted to play on the waiting area playground! HA.  But we rode the ride anyway. ;)


Colbie kept wanting Daniel to hold her.  And this kept happening.  HA!
Cracked her up!
She got a pickle for a snack...among many other indulgences.
small world
She LOVED seeing Tangled's lanterns and tower.

Swiss family

Barnstormer PART 2

Queen for a day went a little differently with this one. ;)  She was a little more, let's say...demanding. :) HA.  Admittedly it was not funny at the time. But we survived.  She told us at dinner, "I don't think you and dad are too worried about my birthday anymore" cause she didn't get mac and cheese for dinner.  She's a mess.  We made up things to do for 3 hours (we were done at 7 pm) cause she wanted to stay for the fireworks at 10!  But when they started...she was NOT into them.  GRACIOUS.  HA!    But over all it was a sweet day with Colbie Jean. :)  We love you Beaner! 

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