Sunday, February 14


 Cactus Jack Horseback riding.  "Why can't I ride FORWARD?!" Colbie cried.  ;)
 Appleton Museum Family pass was used Valentine's weekend.  

 IF prep

 Coffee Issues...

 Trampoline hair
 Spend the night after Girl Scouts :)

 Father Daughter Dance! It was super rainy. :(  They went to eat w Emma and Ricky at Bonefish then on to dance.  It was hard to have 2 dates for Daniel. :)  Esp when one date is high maintenance AND it's past her bedtime! ;)

 Isaac and I went to Blue Hwy Pizza and to see Kung Fu Panda 3. :)

 Colbie is 6!

 Pool sandblasting! 

 Reading in Carline

 Valentine mailboxes :)

 MSA Talent Show!

 GS Cookies are here!!

 Don't all people lounge in an art museum?



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