Saturday, April 16


 Colbs and Jordynn

The post-dinner table cleaning crew is ON TASK.  ;)

We toured Osceola Middle School.  Daisy will go next year.  THIS is Chief Osceola and I think his face says it all.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I mean when I say "Jr High" or "Middle School" isn't this what everyones face does?  LOL!
 Isaac's hair.  "Aaaaaas Yoooouuuu Wiiiiiiish!"  !!!! MY DEAR WESLEY! :)
 Mandy Dexheimers Art!
 Dinner on the porch with Meems
 New neighbors!  Foxes

 Soccer with Coach Allison and the Pink Gators. :)

 We made a DELISH Indian Curry dish!

 Daisy did yoga at girl scouts and loved it! :)

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