Sunday, April 17

Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot with Meems

It almost got Colbs and she was thrilled about it.

These guys were amazing.

THIS was a mistake.  In fairness they did try to warn me (with the 20 mentions of beware if you are motion sick prone...).  I just thought it can't be THAT bad.  Well, heed this advice y'all... IT. IS.  LOL.  Learned the hard way.

Below is Daisy fussing at me for taking a pic and not listening to directions of how to fly a spaceship.  HA!
Maybe my fav pic of the day...No filter!!

We did Turtle Talk w Crush and it was fun.  He picked out Colbie and then he talked to Daniel.  Funny turtle, that Crush. :)

We had dinner in Morocco :)

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