Thursday, May 5

April and May

 Daisy and Emma's tomato plant!
 My gardenia!

 Had these two (and sometimes Liv) while the Phillips celebrated 20 years! :)
 Time hop of Bean's ISR classes!
 Daisy sabotaged her 5th grade spring pics.  LOL
 Isaac's was cute!
 Scottie doing his thing.
 Daisy's report on Calligraphy and Aunt Jan :)

 Love this pic of the twins... :) They are like WHAT THE HECK!?!
 Colbie's teacher gift of Smart Water and Extra gum included this note. :)  She just got a new hair do.
 Face timing Huddy!
 Blueberry picking with the Cicione girls. :)

 Belle ate as she went.  We probably shoulda weighed her at the end ;)

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